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Life Insurance

Questions to ask yourself to make sure you and your family are protected.

  • Do you have your income protected?
  • Do you carry insurance on your cell phone, auto and home? Why not your income?
  • Protect your family so they can live comfortably in your absence without the need for a “Go Fund Me” account.
  • Do you understand your life insurance policy?
  • If you own a Whole Life or Universal Life Policy, Be sure to read the fine print. Many are unaware of the hidden loopholes not working in your favor.

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The risk of remaining unprotected.

Studies indicate that a high percentage of Americans admit to not having adequate life insurance coverage and that their dependents would suffer financially as a result of their death. The quickest route to peace of mind is to prepare for the unexpected with the right type of life insurance. Oakes Tax Service LLC & Financial Solutions experts help you choose the policy that will pay for your final expenses and financially protect your family and loved ones according to your wishes.

You are never too young for financial protection!

Many Individuals and young families do not consider life insurance a necessity yet are burdened with loss and debt if the unexpected happens. Evaluate the risks according to your particular concerns and inquire about affordable life insurance rates available.

Term life insurance ensures your family can pay off debts such as your mortgage, extra financial protection for your children, including education costs. Our knowledgeable Oakes Tax Service LLC & Financial Solutions specialists provide practical information about Term Life Insurance. Coverage can be designed to protect you in the event of a critical illness and require long-term care.

Take the first step, get a quote.

Taking your first steps on the path to becoming insured can seem a bit overwhelming when you decide to start. This is understandable as there are many different possible options and many different providers. We make the process simple, by asking the right questions and providing you with quotes for different options you will be able to get a handle on how to obtain the right life insurance for you.

We simplify your life.